Protection of cultural property: military manual

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Publisher: UNESCO; International Institute of Humanitarian Law

Publication year: 2016

Author: O'Keefe, Roger, Péron, Camille, Musayev, Tofig, Ferrari, Gianluca

This manual serves as a practical guide to the implementation by military forces of the rules of international law for the protection of cultural property in armed conflict. It combines a military-focused account of the relevant international legal obligations of states and individuals with suggestions as to best military practice at the different levels of command and during the different phases of military operations, whether by land, sea or air.
The manual does not deal with military operations not governed by the international law of armed conflict, such as military assistance in connection with natural disasters or the deployment of military forces during internal disturbances and tensions. While some of what the manual specifies in relation to the conduct of military forces in preparation for and during armed conflict might usefully be applied in other contexts, the manual’s focus is the protection of cultural property specifically in the context of armed conflict.

ISBN: 978-92-3-100184-0

Available in several languages:English, Arabic, French, Azerbaijani, Russian, Greek