A guide to risk management for cultural heritage

Cover-ICCROM-A guide to risk management for Cultural Heritage-Eng

Publisher: ICCROM; Government of Canada, Canadian Conservation Institute

Publication year: 2016

Authors: José Luiz Pedersoli Jr., Catherine Antomarchi, Stefan Michalski

This guide is an abridged version of The ABC Method. It explains the ABC Method using many images, basic examples and simple exercises. It has been designed to introduce the risk-based approach to decision makers and to promote its use by heritage professionals and a younger generation of conservators.
Risks occur in many forms, ranging from the rare and catastrophic to daily and easily observable threats. Adopting a risk management approach will help you to find the priorities for preventive conservation.

ISBN (Print): 9789290772484
ISBN (Web): 9789290772491

Available in several languages: English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese