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  • Cultural Heritage

    • Now available in Arabic!

      Publisher: UNESCO; Ministry of culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

      Publication year: 2018

      The Warsaw Recommendation on Recovery and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage has been published in Arabic.
      This document from 2018 constituting a comprehensive set of principles concerning the process of urban reconstruction and rebuilding of historic buildings or complexes of buildings destroyed as a result of armed conflicts or natural disasters.
      This soft-law instrument is the result of the international conference on the "Challenges of World Heritage recovery", which took place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on 8 May 2018. During the conference, representatives of UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICCROM, World Bank and the Global Alliance for Urban Crises met for the first time to discuss problems related to the reconstruction of World Heritage sites. Over 200 participants representing all regions of the world attended the meeting.

      To download the Arabic document for free click on this link.

    • Cover-ICCROM-Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections-Eng

      Publisher: ICCROM; UNESCO

      Publication year: 2016

      Author: Aparna Tandon

      Built upon years of experience and real-life situations, this publication offers a field-tested, simple workflow for the emergency evacuation of valuable objects that is easy to replicate in any context.
      A multi-purpose guide, it is created with a variety of users in mind, with simple language and layout intended for heritage personnel, emergency responders and civilians alike. It offers guidance on when and how to intervene to protect endangered heritage, its illustrations and charts helping readers to understand quickly and begin working.
      In crisis situations already underway, it is a fast and easy read that covers the emergency documentation of collections, safe transport and temporary storage. For institutions that are either in vulnerable areas or generally seeking to create an emergency plan, this booklet will be a valuable aid in disaster preparedness. It will assist users in prioritizing needs and in planning for realistic action within specific circumstances, using limited resources.

      ISBN (Web): 978-92-3-70000

      Original publication in Portuguese. Available in several languages: English, Arabic, French, Georgian and Nepalese.

    • Cover-ICCROM-Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections-Eng

      Publisher: UNESCO; International Institute of Humanitarian Law

      Publication year: 2016

      Author: O'Keefe, Roger, Péron, Camille, Musayev, Tofig, Ferrari, Gianluca

      This manual serves as a practical guide to the implementation by military forces of the rules of international law for the protection of cultural property in armed conflict. It combines a military-focused account of the relevant international legal obligations of states and individuals with suggestions as to best military practice at the different levels of command and during the different phases of military operations, whether by land, sea or air.
      The manual does not deal with military operations not governed by the international law of armed conflict, such as military assistance in connection with natural disasters or the deployment of military forces during internal disturbances and tensions. While some of what the manual specifies in relation to the conduct of military forces in preparation for and during armed conflict might usefully be applied in other contexts, the manual’s focus is the protection of cultural property specifically in the context of armed conflict.

      ISBN: 978-92-3-100184-0

      Available in several languages:English, Arabic, French, Azerbaijani, Russian, Greek

    • Cover-ICCROM-A guide to risk management for Cultural Heritage-Eng

      Publisher: ICCROM; Government of Canada, Canadian Conservation Institute

      Publication year: 2016

      Authors: José Luiz Pedersoli Jr., Catherine Antomarchi, Stefan Michalski

      This guide is an abridged version of The ABC Method. It explains the ABC Method using many images, basic examples and simple exercises. It has been designed to introduce the risk-based approach to decision makers and to promote its use by heritage professionals and a younger generation of conservators.
      Risks occur in many forms, ranging from the rare and catastrophic to daily and easily observable threats. Adopting a risk management approach will help you to find the priorities for preventive conservation.

      ISBN (Print): 9789290772484
      ISBN (Web): 9789290772491

      Available in several languages: English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese

    • ICCROM-Glossary of Arabic Terms for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage 

      Publisher: ATHĀR Programme, ICCROM

      Publication year: 2008

      Authors: Hossam Mahdy

      Glossary of conservation terminology (Arabic-English and English-Arabic) developed by Dr Hossam Mahdy for the ATHAR programme and intended for conservation professionals working in the Arab region. This is a preliminary document distributed to invite discussion and comments.